Media Goom.
Essential Adaptive Web Streaming with MPEG-DASH and HLS.
An Open Source Media Framework.

How it works
Getting Started

How it works

MediaGoom is an open source media streaming Framework. It aims at effectively implement Web Streaming. It supports MPEG DASH (dynamic adaptive streaming over http) and HLS (Http Live Streaming).
MediaGoom will serve your video over the web. With MediaGoom you can power your webtv solutions either for the internet or for your intranet.
You can use MediaGoom for yours:
MediaGoom allows you to process your media files in order to make them streamable to the web.
MediaGoom is composed by several services divided for each task in order to give the most flexible solution.
MediaGoom node-play project allows you to access a ready to use solution witch combine most of the functionality.
You can use the other projects when you need to build your own solution when you need more flexibility. With the others MediaGoom projects you are able to:

Getting Started

The simplest way to get started is to install node-play. In order to install node-play please follow the instruction you can find here.
After installing node-play you will able to upload your video files.
node-play will then take care of running a media workflow to