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Use MPEG-DASH and HLS to effectively serve your video.




Encode your files to several bitrates for Adaptive Streaming.

Package your media file for use in any web server with mg.

Publish your content to any Web Server and Let Play!


Why MediaGoom

Add or improve your video communication. MediaGoom let you use video on the web effectively since using adaptive streaming let you:
  • improve media startup time
  • use your bandwidth evenly
  • give each user the best possible experience based on their bandwidth
Essential since does not require any infrastructure in your site in order to achieve this. It just uses plain files.

How It Works


First of all, you need a media file you want to stream on the web.

In order to stream the file you need to encode the file to several mp4 files with different bitrates and with key frames aligned.

If you do not know how to do it the simplest way is to use ffmpeg.

For each bitrate you want ran the following command:

fmpeg -i "[your file path]" -vf "scale=w=1280:h=720" \
-codec:v libx264 -profile:v high -level 31 -b:v 750 \
-r 25 -g 50 -sc_threshold 0 -x264opts ratetol=0.1 \
-minrate 750 -maxrate 750 -bufsize 750 \
-b:a 96k -codec:a aac -profile:a aac_low -ar 44100 -ac 2 mg_750.mp4

In the above command line make sure you replace [your file path] with the path of the file with the content you want to stream.

The above example produces a 750kb file. You can repeat the process with each bitrate you think is appropriate.

You should modify any bold parameter with the most appropriate for you.

More Encoding Information ->


The mg tool allows you to package statically your MP4 files. In this way you they can be effectively streamed on the Internet. Packaging features:

The mg tool allows to statically package a set of mp4 files. Mp4 files should have the key frames aligned.

Once you have obtained mg you can run it using this parameters:

./mg -k:adaptive \
     -o:[output directory] \
     -i:[first input file] -s:0 -e:0 -b:750 \
     -j:[second input file] -b:350 \
     -j:[third input file] -b:120 \
     -j:[nth input file] -b:[nth bitrate]

More MPEG-DASH and HLS packaging Information.->


Deploy your content to any web server and then you can play it.

Test your content using<the url of the folder where the mg output is>

Test the Media Goom Sample Player ».

More Information on publishing your video ->