• How-to automate a @GitHub release using @travisci and @appveyor

    No matter how good you are at writing software, sooner or later you will make a mistake.

    Once you realize this as a fact then you have to get organized for when something bad happen.

    Whatever your strategy is, one really important aspect is:
    how can you correlate the software version the user is using with the source code from which it was built?

    Well the answer is easy isn’t it? just use a git tag and write the same version in your compiled software. Perfect. That’s exactly what we are going to do. We will just automate it so we will never forget it.

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  • Working on HLS implementation

    As some of you may know at the moment the most adopted Adaptive Streaming implementation are MPEG-DASH and HLS. The mg tool already support packaging a series of key frame aligned mp4 files to MPEG-DASH. However, this functionality alone does not allows you to reach all major browsers and all major devices. In order to do so you need to package your key frame aligned mp4 to HLS as well. Since we aim to provide a complete solution for web streaming we are working on implementing HLS besides MPEG-DASH.

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  • MediaGoom essential Web Streaming

    Today we are happy to announce the first release of mediagoom tool. This open source tool let you create adaptive video chunks to be then statically hosted in any web server. In this way you can effectively host a video in your web site.

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