As some of you may know at the moment the most adopted Adaptive Streaming implementation are MPEG-DASH and HLS. The mg tool already support packaging a series of key frame aligned mp4 files to MPEG-DASH. However, this functionality alone does not allows you to reach all major browsers and all major devices. In order to do so you need to package your key frame aligned mp4 to HLS as well. Since we aim to provide a complete solution for web streaming we are working on implementing HLS besides MPEG-DASH.

So we are hard at work to reach our goal. At this point we already have something working. In case you are interested you can use our dev-win branch in windows or our dev-nx branch in linux to build a version of mg capable of packaging to HLS.

If you do not want the complicacy of building the package yourself, you can use these link to get a developer build.

Linux build of mg for packaging to HLS:

curl -o
chmod +x mg

Windows link: Download windows build with HLS support of mg

Once you have buildt or download the mg version supporting HLS you can use it exactly as you would do with MPEG-DASh just use -k:hls instead of -k:dash in the command line.

For a complete description of how using mg head to our wiki.

Please give us feedback in case you use this feature.